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Doing More With Google


Google is the number one search engine for good reason. Just about everyone knows that you can enter a keyword into the search field, and Google will go find you the information, but Google can do much more than that.


Here are a few tips to use Google more effectively:


Images – From the main page click images in the upper left corner, Google will return pictures of the search term you entered, great for shopping or travel. Each picture is linked to the web page it came from, so just click on it, and you will be re-directed to that web site.


Videos – Next to images is Video, Google owns YouTube, so you will get all the videos in your search term right from YouTube.


Definitions – If you need a word defined, just type: define in the search field and then the word you need defined ex: define sesquipedalian (go ahead try it!).


Phone # - Type a phone number into the search field and Google will find the name and address.


Address – Type an address into the search field and Google will find the name and phone number


Calculator – You can use Google as a calculator, just type in the equation ex: 100 + 200, Google will return 300.


Stock Quotes – Just type in the stock quote you are looking for.


Track Airline Flight – If you type in the airline and flight number, Google will display the flight information. 


Track Packages – Enter a UPS, USPS, or FedEx tracking number, and Google give you a link to your packages.


Google Scholar - Provides a search of scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources, including theses, books, abstracts and articles.


Translate - Google will translate words, sentences, or whole documents for you. On the top menu of the Google main page, click “more” and select Translate. Type in, copy and paste, or upload the content you would like translated. Select the languages you are translating, and click “translate”. It’s that simple!


Website Building – Always wanted your own website? Try Google sites. Just go to “More” on the top of the main page, select “Sites”, sign up (you will need a Gmail account) and build your website.

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