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Computer Teach : Classes : Photoshop 2 class

Photoshop 2   Enroll

Course #: N11

Day & Time:

Class dates can be scheduled if 2 or more people are interested.

Total Hours: Two 3-hour classes

Software: Adobe™

Price: $630

The Photoshop 2 class from Computer Teach will show you how to perform image retouching and apply advanced effects. The Photoshop 2 class also includes working with paths and automating tasks. The Photoshop class includes the following:
  1. Image Retouching
    1. Cloning areas in the same image
    2. The Pattern Stamp tool
    3. Cloning between different images
    4. Healing Brush tool
    5. Patch tool
    6. History Brush
    7. Dodge & Burn
    8. Smudge tool
  2. Brush Options
    1. Brushes palette
    2. Editing brush presets
    3. Variation options
    4. Save brush presets in a library
    5. Load a brush library
    6. Restore default brushes
    7. Brush as a tool preset
    8. Save tool presets
    9. Create a new brush based on an existing brush
    10. Create a brush from an image
    11. Delete a brush
  3. Masking & Compositing
    1. Create a layer mask
    2. Reshape a layer mask
    3. Deactivate a layer mask
    4. Apply or discard a layer mask
    5. Create a clipping group
    6. Save a selection to a channel
    7. Display a channel selection
    8. Load a channel selection onto an image
    9. Save selection
    10. Load selection
    11. Channel options
    12. Delete a channel
    13. Duplicate a channel
    14. Reshape an alpha channel mask
    15. Quick mask mode for with selections
    16. Quick mask mode for without selections
    17. Quick mask options
  4. Working with paths
    1. Convert a selection into a path
    2. Pen tool & paths
    3. Freeform pen tool
    4. Move a path
    5. Add to an existing path
    6. Transform an entire path
    7. Transform points on a path
    8. Save a work path
    9. Display/Hide a path
    10. Select path anchor points
    11. Reshape a path
    12. Delete a path
    13. Deselect a path
    14. Convert a path to a selection
  5. Advanced effects
    1. Warp text
    2. Fill type using clipping groups
    3. Lighting effects filter
    4. Pattern maker
    5. Liquify filter
  6. Automating Tasks
    1. Creating actions
    2. Recording a stop
Computer Teach : Classes : Photoshop 2 class

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