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Computer Teach : Classes : Digital Camera Basics class

Digital Camera Basics   Enroll

Course #: A3

Day & Time:

Class dates can be scheduled if 2 or more people are interested.

Total Hours: Two 1.5 hr sessions

Software: Basics

Price: $285

The Digital Camera Basics class from Computer Teach will show you how to take pictures with a digital camera, transfer them to the computer and organize them. The digital camera class will also teach you the basics of picture editing. The digital camera class includes the following:

  1. Taking Pictures
    1. Turning on, off, examine camera buttons and slots
    2. Take pictures with normal settings and Zoom
    3. Examining camera menu for deleting


  2. Transferring Pictures to the Computer
    1. Plugging camera into computer
    2. Transferring pictures onto computer
    3. Deleting pictures from the camera


  3. Organizing pictures on the Computer
    1. Naming individual pictures
    2. Creating Photo Albums/Folders
    3. Placing pictures into appropriate album
    4. Delete or move pictures
    5. Print Pictures
    6. Email Pictures


  4. Basic Picture Editing
    1. Rotating Picture
    2. Resize Picture
    3. Enhance Picture
  Computer Teach : Classes : Digital Camera Basics class

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