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Computer Teach : Classes : Excel for Finance 2 class

Excel for Finance 2   Enroll

Course #: F20

Day & Time:

Class dates can be scheduled if 2 or more people are interested.

Total Hours: Two 2.5 hr Classes

Software: Accounting/Bookeeping and Database

Price: $475

Yield to maturity, accrued interest, duration, average life, internal rate of return, total return, bond equivalent yield, net economic value, breakeven analysis, swap analysis, market value, present value future value and margin analysis.

  1. Yield to Maturity
    1. Accrued Interest
    2. Duration
    3. Average Life
  2. Internal Rate of Return
    1. Total Return
    2. Bond Equivalent Yield
    3. Net Economic Value
    4. Breakeven Analysis
  3. Swap Analysis
    1. Market Value
    2. Present Value
    3. Future Value
    4. Margin Analysis
Computer Teach : Classes : Excel for Finance 2 class

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